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What is Memoet? Why do I need another memorization tool?

Re-reading notes is inefficient

Rereading your notes over and over again is not efficient, and really not fun. To remember your notes, you have to retrieve knowledge from your brain by writing things down, or playing some quizzes.
Memoet helps with your retrieval process by providing a quiz form to every note to gamify your learning. We still keep a flashcard mode for the regular though.

Re-playing easy games are no fun

Quizzes are entertaining, but to play an easy quiz, again and again, is no fun at all. You want to play hard quizzes more and easy ones less.
Memoet helps with your repetition process by spacing notes using SuperMemo2 algorithm to make hard notes appear more frequent and easy notes less so.

Switching back and forth between decks is dull

Memoet has a special "Today" deck so you can choose all the decks you want to learn daily, without having to flip onto a new deck when you are done with the previous one.
This interleaving learning method even helps to boost your memory muscle.

Creating notes one-by-one is slow

For original content, you may want to create your own quizzes one by one. For the rest, it should be way easier.
Memoet helps with your input process by providing batch notes import using CSV files. Now you can create thousands of notes to learn later.
For developers and hobbyists, we do provide RESTful APIs for decks and notes so you can talk directly to our server using JSON language.
Last modified 7mo ago